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  • Our team will reach out to schedule an onboarding call.

Request a task by filling out a form so our team can get a sense of what you want.

  • Include the copy (if any), plus add any asset files and attachments.

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Delivery and review



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We'll complete your task within the turnaround time you requested and notify you on your taskboard.

  • After review, you can request any revisions or edits directly through the task.

Your design request will be assigned to one of our team's designers.

  • You can track the process of your task in your taskboard.


What type of designs can I request?
Anything you need for marketing design! This includes ad creative, email creative, landing pages, and more.

How many designs can I submit at a time?
You can submit as many design tasks as you want. Only one or more may be worked on at the same time, depending on your plan.

How long does it take to receive a draft?
No more than 5 business days, but as short as 24-48 hours depending on your plan.

How long do revisions take?
Between 24-48 hours.

How will I access my files?
Your designer will send you a Figma link to view your design. Once satisfied, we'll upload the final file to the task for you to download.

What file types are available?
We have a wide variety of file types - pdf, jpg, png, svg, etc.

What if I am dissatisfied with the designs?
We will always try our best to work with you to make sure you get designs that are up to your standard. If it's just not working out with us, you may cancel at anytime, no downside.

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